Bandage Care Instructions

Bandage Care lnstructions

    1. Make sure the bandage/splint stays clean and dry. Wet bandages can shrink, cutting off circulation to the area below them. lf your pet goes out in the rain, place a plastic bag or protective wrap over the bandage to keep it dry. Should the bandage become wet or dirty, you must remove it promptly and call us to replace the bandage.
    2. lf your pet will not leave the bandage alone, there are multiple ways to discourage them from chewing at it: covering it with a sock, using an e-collar, spraying a bitter anti-bite substance on the bandage etc. Feel free to discuss these options wlth a doctor or technician. ln general, bandages should not be left on without being checked by a doctor for more than one week.
    3. Restrict activity to increase the lifespan on the bandage/splint so it does not slip off, rotate, become wet/soiled etc.